Virtual Choir Performances

Whilst we are all still living in a virtual world where choirs cannot meet in person, how about taking your concerts online?


With restrictions in the UK due to Covid-19 changing on a regular basis, it seems increasingly unlikely that Choir Concerts will be able to go ahead in anything like ‘normal’ circumstances.    Consequently Recordings 4 Choirs are helping Choirs take their performances online this year.

How does it work?

With the threat of Covid-19 continuing to impact on how choirs can meet and perform (or indeed not perform) together Recordings 4 Choirs have a solution for your Concerts.

As it seems increasingly likely that in person concerts cannot go ahead in the traditional format for the foreseeable future, then why not come together virtually?  We can take individual or group videos of your choir performing in isolation or small groups and combine these together to produce a video of one or more songs.  These videos can then be used to create an online or virtual concert.  You can even fundraise for your choir or charity too!

Create the Videos

All you will need is a camera (a phone or tablet will do) and a second device to play an audio file through headphones.   Each choir member records themselves singing the song and then sends to us via we transfer or similar.    We then combine the videos to create your virtual performance of the choir singing together.

Have a look at our work

Whilst primarily an audio recording company, Recordings 4 Choirs have been working with groups since March to produce online choral performances whilst the UK was under lockdown restrictions.  Whilst no one is hoping for a further national lockdown, it seems inevitable that Christmas Concerts will be online this year.    Below are some videos we have created:

How much does it Cost?

Our Video production packages are designed to be affordable so that community choirs can access the technology to take their Christmas concerts online.

  • Virtual Choir Performance with up to 30 singers – £299
  • Virtual Choir Performance with up to 50 singers – £399
  • Video production based on existing footage – from £149*

*We can take your existing footage of the choir and produce a single 30 minute video of performances as if in a concert format.   The price shown is for up to 30 minutes of footage to be combined. We can also add a short video introduction for each song from your MD or Choir Chairman.