Recording Church Choirs

Recordings 4 Choirs can help you record a CD or Digital album with your Church choir anywhere in the UK

Recordings 4 Choirs offer churches and church choirs the opportunity to record a CD or digital album to raise money for church funds.

We have worked with churches all over the UK to record CDs which can then be sold to congregation and choir members.   As well as recording your choir we can record congregational singing as well as some tracks from your organ.

church recording
Setting up to record in a church
Why should you record your Church Choir?

A recording for any choir is not just an opportunity for fundraising, although it is often a primary reason to pursue a recording.  But just as importantly it is a record of the quality of your choir and something for choir members and the congregation to treasure for years to come.

Church choirs are all too rapidly disappearing in the UK and so we are always keen to hear from churches with good choirs who would like to benefit from a fundraising CD recording.

Our Experience

When it comes to church recordings we have not only the experience of recording choirs and organs in churches all over the UK but the added benefit that our founder and chief sound engineer, Jules Addison, is also a church organist.   Our mobile recording rig was designed specifically to record choirs and organs in highly reverberant spaces such as churches and chapels.   Indeed a lot of our choir recordings with secular choirs are done in churches.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost to our recordings.   The aim is for your church to raise money from sales of CDs and digital albums.  You can find out more about pricing by clicking here.

Most church choirs will raise anything from £500 to £2500 in proceeds from CD sales depending on the number of albums sold.  There is no cap on the amount of profit you can make from each CD.

To find out more about our mobile recording services for churches please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us by email