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Find out more about our Recording Services for Choirs and how easy it is to Record your Choir


The Recording Session

For most of the choirs we record, the day of their recording is a long anticipated occasion and one which the choir members and leaders are usually very excited about.   Often there are a few nerves too – but that’s no bad thing and it’s nice to know that choirs are genuinely looking forward to recording with us.

Our engineers will have been on site for around an hour or so before your choir arrives.   Once you turn up, the venue will already have lots of microphones set up along with our recording desk to one side, or in an adjacent room.

We do not impose time limits on recording sessions, although mostly the session will be around 6-7 hours in total with a few breaks during the course of the day. There is after all only so long singers can perform at their best for.  A recording session is not only physically hard work but also mentally as well.  The requirement to sing at your very best all day long is not something to be underestimated!

What do we do about CD Artwork?

If we are producing CDs for you then you have two options.

Option 1 – Recordings 4 Choirs produce your CD artwork for you

This is most choirs preferred option.  Your choir still gets input into the design – you just don’t have to worry about the technicalities of preparing artwork for print!   You send us photographs of your choir or images you wish to bee included along with the track list and any other text / information. From this our graphic design team will lay out the information so it prints properly.  Don’t worry we send you proofs for you to approve before anything goes to print.

Option 2 – Producing your own artwork

Some choirs already work with graphic designers who create their posters / flyers and websites.  Therefore to continue the ‘branding’ you might prefer to use your own graphic design team. Or perhaps someone in the choir is a graphic designer.  Either way that’s absolutely not a problem and we can provide you with the templates to be used.   All you need to do is provide us with correctly formatted artwork (CMYK 300DPI) and we will then use your files for production.

When do we get our CDs?

Once the audio and artwork have both been approved and signed off by your music team / committee we will put your CDs into production.  From that point delivery to your choir is generally around a week later.

What if we don’t have a CD player?

All our CDs now include details of how to access the digital audio files online at no extra cost.  Anyone who has purchased a CD from the school can now access digital files to transfer to their preferred means of listening to music.

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