Why Choose us?

If your Choir is planning to make a Professional Recording, it’s important to choose the right company to support you in this venture

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At Recordings 4 Choirs, we understand the importance of choice.  To help you make the right decision about who to trust with your next recording, we have set out below some key information about our business along with details of our experience.

Our Ethos

Recording Choirs is often regarded as one of the most challenging types of recording you can do.  We therefore offer not just experienced and qualified sound engineers but also bring together technology and music.   Our business is owned by a Professional musician and choir leader. Not only do we understand how choirs should sound, but we know the difference between TTBB and SAB. Our sound engineers can read an alto clef and will be able to tell you what a diphthong is.

We believe that by running choirs as well as recording them this gives us an advantage. Not only do we understand how choirs sing together we also understand how the majority of amateur / community choirs are run and funded.  Our business model has been carefully designed to make professional recordings affordable for as many choirs as possible.

Our Experience

Recordings 4 Choirs was established in 2004 to offer Choirs all over the UK the opportunity to record a professional CD.   Since then we have recorded just about every sort of choir you can imagine, from Barbershop Quartets to Community Choirs with over 400 singers.

Our Recording Gear

From the outset, we have always worked on the principle that experience and expertise needs to be supported by top quality gear.   We therefore never compromise on any aspect of our mobile recording rig or our production studios.

Your Album

As well as recording your choir, we can also help you produce retail quality CDs or sell a Digital album online.


If you are looking to create CDs we offer a wide range of packaging options.  The most common is the Jewel Case where the CD sits in a plastic tray with an accompanying booklet opposite.  However we also offer a range of digi packs (Card wallets) as well as bespoke options which can be virtually anything you can imagine.

As well as offering a range of packing for your CD we can also help create the artwork.  You can find out more by visiting our Downloads and Guides page which has lots of useful information and templates.  If you are in any doubt as to which template you need then please get in touch.

Digital Albums

All our recordings are captured digitally (and indeed have been since 2004), so we are well placed to help you sell tracks online.   To help with this we have our own online shop which will enable you to sell your digital tracks.