Recording a Choir Album – Professional Choir Recordings on location

Recording a Choir Album – Professional Choir Recordings on location

Recordings 4 Choirs can help you record a professional Choir Album on Location in the UK.

Recordings 4 Choirs, as the name suggests is a company devoted entirely to making professional high quality recordings for choirs in the UK.   We record all types of choir from Barbershop Quartets through to Community Choirs and Choral Societies.  Whether your core repertoire is Handel’s Messiah accompanied by an orchestra, Perfect by Ed Sheeran sung to a backing track, we have the expertise to understand the difference and, most importantly, know how to record it!

Run by Musicians for Musicians

Understanding music and knowing how to record a choir are two very different skills.   You might argue that all you need to record a choir is a sound engineer with a degree in music production.   To be fair that’s not a bad starting point, but is it enough?   If you’re a choir you will already have a choir leader who knows all about your music and knows how to direct the songs that you sing.   But are they a sound engineer – probably not.

Recordings 4 Choirs bring these two elements together.   We are only a small company and we do not ever out source our recordings to contractors.  They are all done in house.  Every recording you will always get myself (I’m Jules) and probably an assistant.  Everyone who attends the recording session has a degree in music, training in music production and has directed or accompanied a range of choirs in a whole variety of situations.   So we understand recording techniques but we also understand choirs.

Of course, we are not there to tell your choir leader what to do. And at no point (unless asked) will we ever comment on the music or the performance.   Our knowledge and understanding of choirs, combined with our training in music production helps us to best know how to record your group.   This for us, is the USP of Recordings 4 Choirs.  If you give us the score we will be able to follow it. If there is a section of music you need to re record we will look at where to make the cut not just from a technical perspective but also (probably more importantly) from a musical one.

Our Recording Service for Choirs

For all recordings we provide:

  • Recording team comprising of music producer and sound engineer
  • 1 or 2 days on location
  • 2 days of studio time for Editing and Mastering – with input from you at all stages
  • Digital audio proofs supplied to your MD or committee for approval before final production
  • Graphic Design for CD or digital album artwork
  • CD Duplication and Printing to professional standards

Listen to our tracks

Below are just a few other tracks which show the versatility of our recording skills from choirs to brass bands and schools.  For more choir tracks please visit our audio samples page.



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