Primary Schools

Recordings 4 Choirs work with an increasing number of Primary Schools all over the UK to encourage live music making in schools

primary school

Recording a CD in your Primary School is a great way to make your pupils recording stars for the day.   Don’t worry about not having a choir, that isn’t important.  Our recordings are designed to help your pupils to sing together, either as a whole school or perhaps by class or year group.

Key information

  • We record on location in primary schools all over the UK
  • The recording session is free and there is no up front payment.  Only pay for the CDs ordered.
  • Schools will make a profit from CD sales (click here to view pricing)
  • Our recording sessions are fun and engaging and will give your pupils a day they will never forget
  • Our sound engineers are all employed by us and have up to date DBS Clearance to work with children

The Recording Day

Our sound engineers will arrive at your school around 07.30am in order to get our mobile studio set up in your school hall.  This means we can be ready to start recording from 9am and will then continue to record throughout the day.

mobile recordings
School Recording Setup
Key facts about the recording day
  • We record from 9am to the end of your school day (or as necessary)
  • You can record anything you like – singing, instruments, groups etc
  • We can move our recording gear out the way if you use the hall for lunch
  • If the front cover design is available we can get the CD artwork done with you whilst on location
  • Our engineers are all DBS cleared
  • You can record a few takes of each song and we will use the best take for your CD

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