Recording Love 2 Sing Voices Community Choir

Recording Love 2 Sing Voices Community Choir

Back in the days of being allowed out, we were Recording on location in Kent with Love 2 Sing Voices!  

It was Lockdown minus 3 days in the UK, and we were in Kent to record with our friends at Love 2 Sing Voiceswith their inspirational Musical Director Holly Clarke.  The purpose of the visit was to record just one song.  Very sadly one of the choir members had recently lost a loved one and the choir wanted to perform at the funeral. However, a lack of space would not allow the choir to attend and so they chose to record a song instead.

Say Something

The song in question is called Say Something – a song by American pop duo A Great Big World from their debut album, Is There Anybody Out There? (2013). Written by the duo members—Ian Axel and Chad King—alongside Mike Campbell, the song was originally recorded by Axel for his solo album This Is the New Year (2011). It was later released as a single by the duo on September 3, 2013, by Epic Records. Following its usage on American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance, the track gained attention from singer Christina Aguilera, who wanted to collaborate with A Great Big World on the song. Soon afterwards, a re-recorded version of “Say Something” with Aguilera was released on November 3, 2013.


The Recording

This was our second recording session with Love 2 Sing, having recording an album with them in 2019.   The venue chosen for this recording was the same – Hayes Methodist Church.

As there was only one song to record, the session was arranged for a Friday evening so that choir members could come along after work.  Arriving in Hayes around 6pm I was able to quickly set up so we could start recording no later than 7pm.  The session was then finished by just after 8pm.

Having recorded Love 2 Sing in the same venue only a few months earlier the setup didnt take long.   Unfortunately there aren’t too many shortcuts and there is never much that can be ‘left’ out. However, I did cut back on some of the play back options as we were only recording 1 song.  Nevertheless the choir still needed to hear things and the MD needed the track playing through headphones. Broadly speaking then about 80% of the full set up was in place.



We are always delighted when customers tell us what they think so it was lovely to see this tweet when I got back home!

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