Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked.  If you still need further information after reading our FAQs then please call us on 01225 302143 and we will be happy to assist you.

How far do you travel to do recordings?

We will travel to and record anywhere in the UK or Europe*.

How much experience do you have recording choirs?

Recordings 4 Choirs is owned and operated by 4 Part Music Ltd who have been recording choirs on location since 2004.  One of the company Directors is a widely respected Choirmaster who runs 5 choirs, some of which have featured on National Television and BBC Radio.

How long is a “session”?

Unlike most recording companies we do not charge “per session”.  The added pressure of time is not conducive to making a good recording. We therefore undertake all recordings over 1 or more days and let you dictate the start and finish times (within reason!).  Most choirs will record over a weekend with each day comprising around two sessions eg 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm.  

When will you set up your equipment?

Setting up of our recording equipment takes around 2 hours and is done either early in the morning of the first day of recording, or the evening before if that is possible. De-rigging the equipment and packing away at the end of the recording would normally take about an hour.

Can we sell our album online instead of buying CDs?

Yes. You can sell digital copies of your album through our online shop either alongside physical CDs or as a standalone option.   More details here…

Do we have to design our own artwork?

You are welcome to produce your own artwork if you would like to. Alternatively our in house design team can create something for you.

What do we do about copyright?

Recordings 4 Choirs can handle all aspects of copyright clearance on your behalf.

Do we have to have a CD produced?

Producing Physical Media such as CDs makes it easier for your choir to sell these at concerts in order to make a small profit. However, we can also offer ‘recording only’ packages and supply you with digital files or sell them on our website.

Will you match or beat my other quote?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, not only during the recording session but afterwards and our aim is to give you the very best recording we possibly can.  However, we realise price is also important so will match any like for like quote where sensible to do so.

What can we record?

The choice of music is entirely up to you. If you can sing it then we can record it.  We can advise on the copyright implications depending upon your choice of songs.

Can you record choirs singing to backing tracks?

We have recorded all types of choirs and can work with digital backing tracks, either on CD or MP3 files.  Usually choirs will provide their own sound system and we will link into this and take a direct feed.

*Recordings outside of mainland UK will attract additional travel expenses

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