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To help you put together your CD artwork, we have put together some photographs of a typical choir Album

Every Choir CD we produce will be unique in the sense of it’s design and artwork.  In the example shown below, from a recent album with recorded with Harlequin Chamber Choir, the choir designed their own artwork and we printed and produced the CDs for them.

In the example shown above you can see our ‘standard’ packaging option which is included in the price of a recording. This comprises a CD packed into a jewel case with a 4 page full colour booklet.  Looking at the images above:

Jewel Case

Our jewel case pictured is made from plastic and has a black tray for the CD to sit in. You can have a clear tray if you wish to put some artwork under the CD tray itself.

4 Page Booklet

The booklet can have up to 24 pages if needed but as standard we offer 4.  As you can see from the example, the front page of the booklet also serves as the front cover of the CD. The back page of the booklet is visible when you open the jewel case and will be to the left of the CD.  When you take the booklet out of the jewel case you can open it up to reveal two inside pages as a double spread.  There is no limit to the type or amount of information you put in the booklet other than available space.

For those who require additional pages in your booklet please note they are added to in multiples of 4.

Rear Inlay

The rear inlay in this example is single sided and forms the back of the Jewel case.  Typically this is where you would put your Album track list as shown. If you want an image to show under where the CD slots into the jewel case then you would need to produce artwork for a double sided inlay and specify a Jewel case with a clear tray.

CD Surface

In this example the artwork on the CD surface is quite simple and comprises just blue text on a white background.  Our CDs are printed in full colour so you can include more elaborate designs if you wish.  You can also have the text printed directed onto the natural silver of the CD if you prefer.