Recordings for Adult Choirs

Recordings for Adult Choirs

Recordings 4 Choirs offer Choirs the chance to make a professional recording and Fundraise from Album sales.

Recordings 4 Choirs provide a professional recording service to Choirs all over the UK.   We travel around with a 32 channel mobile recording studio and set up in a venue of your choir to record your choir.   Most of our choir recordings are done in Churches, Community Centres or School Halls.

Choir Recording Services – Key Points
  • We record choirs on location anywhere in the UK.
  • All recordings are carried out by our own staff – we do not use contractors.
  • Recordings 4 Choirs have been recording choirs at a professional level since 2004.
  • All our staff carry up to date Enhanced DBS Clearance for working with Children.
How much does it cost to record a choir?

Our pricing has been designed to enable choirs to make a small profit from CD sales.

  • 100 CDs £7.00 each
  • 200 CDs £6.00 each
  • 300 CDs £5.00 each
  • 500 CDs £4.00 each
  • 1000 CDs £3.00 each

Other quantities can be quoted for upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like something different to this.  If you are looking to record a School Choir, then we offer discounts to schools that include all pupils on their CD.  Please click here for more details.

Standard CD Spec : Full Colour disc packed into Jewel case with 4 side  full colour booklet and rear inlay, individually cellophane wrapped.

If you would like to discuss alternative options on CD packaging then please contact us.

Whats included?
  • 1 day on location at a venue of your choice
  • Play back facility to hear the songs after you record them.
  • 10 hours editing and mastering time in our Post Production Studios.
  • Artwork design and CD production.
  • Copyright clearance where appropriate.
What sort of choirs do we record?

Recordings 4 Choirs record on location all over the UK.   Since the company was formed in 2004 we have travelled to all four corners of the country and recorded just about every type of choir you can imagine.

Choosing a Venue for your Recording

Finding the right venue to record your choir might appear a daunting task.  But it needn’t be.  The majority of choirs we record will either use their rehearsal space or a venue where they have given concerts.    There are no rules about where you can or should record your choir, but we have set out below a few useful tips.


Using a venue or space that your choir and choir leader is familiar with is often a popular choice.   There are number of advantages of this policy not least:

  1. Your choir will fit in the space.
  2. If you rely on accompaniment from a piano this may well already be in the venue.
  3. Your Choir leader or Musical Director will know how the choir should sound in the venue.
  4. It will most likely have adequate parking or access for choir members.

Surprisingly we are often asked, whilst getting ready to record, “Can you hear that?”, perhaps in relation to a bird tweeting or passing traffic, or sometimes even a school alarm system beeping. The answer is always yes, if you can hear it even faintly, the microphones will definitely hear it.   Even the faintest low rumble can completely destroy a recording.

The best way to avoid this is to visit your proposed venue when it is empty and just stand and listen.  Very few places are every completely quiet nowadays – although churches often come closest.  Be particularly alert to noise from heating or lighting systems as well as outside noise such as passing traffic and wildlife.    For more information on this please refer to our recent blog post on the impact of noise at your recording venue.

How to book a recording

For more information or to discuss a recording with us please get in touch.  You can reach us by telephone on 01225 302143 or click here to email via our contact form.

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