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Recordings for Choirs specialise in Location Recordings of choirs anywhere in the UK using our mobile studio.

Choir Recording

Here at Recordings 4 Choirs, we pride ourselves on bringing together music and technology. Musicality is always our top priority when we record choirs as the business is owned by a Professional Musician and Choirmaster. Meanwhile, our team of fully qualified recording engineers and post production staff make sure all the technology is there to capture the music at the highest quality leaving you to focus on your performance.


Who do you record?

School ChoirsChurch ChoirsChoral SocietiesChamber GroupsCommunity Choirs…. Basically we can, and indeed have, recorded any type of choir you can think of.

How much experience do you have recording Choirs?

Our parent company 4 Part Music Ltd started recording choirs at a professional level in 2004.  One of our Directors is also a widely respected choirmaster who has directed choral singers for the past 20 years.  His groups have featured on national television and local radio on multiple occasions.

We sometimes use the strap line, for musicians, by musiciansThis is self explanatory but our understanding of not only the technical aspects of recording, but also the delicate art of performance and musicianship sets us apart in this industry.

Why Choose Recordings 4 Choirs?

A recording is more than just a record of what happened. It is something which should be valued by the musicians who took part and give a true reflection of their high standards and the effort they put in.  Since forming the company over 15 years ago, we have never compromised on the investment required to get the best results. As such you can be assured that a recording by 4 Part Music will be of the highest quality and do justice to your musical talents.

We are not a one man band and will set up a professional recording studio anywhere in the UK. This includes talk back systems and a separate production desk away from the recording space. You can even have one or more of your Choir members or Committee act as Producer if you want.

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Location Recordings

CALL US TODAY on 01225 302143 and find out how easy it is to Record your Choir. If you prefer you can click here to email us.